With a passion for excellence and responsive foster care services, we are devoted to providing positive outcomes for children and young people.

Established in 2000 by Helen Taubman, NEWFOCAS (North East Wales Foster Care Services) is now a leading Independent Trauma Informed Therapeutic Fostering Provider.

Developed in conjunction with many highly skilled and experienced professionals and carers, we offer excellence in service at all times. All our team members and carers are NVQ qualified: our ethos is based on mutual support and shared ownership of the care, welfare, and well-being of all children and young people placed with NEWFOCAS.

We are unique. Our dedicated team is an 'extended family' which assists carers in realistically meeting the needs of very demanding children. We also provide a Therapeutic environment with a ‘team around the child’ where children and young people can explore their emotions safe in the knowledge that, whilst doing so, they will remain part of the NEWFOCAS family.

NEWFOCAS has established a Recovery Model that measures the progress and development of every child placed in one of our foster homes; this model helps the child to achieve their full potential.  Each child has its own tailored Therapeutic Action Plan (TAP) which is developed and assessed by the Therapeutic Social Work Team.  The TAP is linked to our Neuro Sequentially Informed Recovery Programme which helps the Therapeutic Social Work team assess at which stage of brain development the child / young person is in. The team then supports the child through the TAP to help the child develop and achieve.

A new FOCAS on exceptional care

Not only do we provide our foster carers with an exemplary level of 'around the clock' support, assistance, and specialist advice, but we believe the matching process of placement to carer is of fundamental importance. And through stringent processes we ensure our foster carers only look after children perfectly suited to their skills and area/s of expertise. Whilst most Independent Fostering Agencies are getting bigger, and support centres are often situated a long distance away, making access to support for carers, quite difficult to achieve, in NEWFOCAS  our support networks are well staffed and within easy access for carers; our 24/7 support is by a team who are fully informed about each carer household. Enabling the foster child / young person to have the best chance of securing a long term stable placement.

Become a carer today and make a difference.

You may have fostered before; alternatively you may have been thinking about becoming a foster carer for the first time. Either way, we give an excellent package of support and allowances to help you every step of the way. If you think you could foster with us, then please get in touch. Complete and submit the form to voice your interest and more information on becoming a carer.

Alternatively, if you hate the idea of filling out a form, we're more than happy to take your call. Pick up the phone and call us on 01244 550300. Our dedicated team is on hand to help you out with anything you maybe unsure of.